Category: Performance Upgrades

EVO-X Exhaust

Mitsubishi EVO-X Exhaust Systems

Are you shopping for an EVO-X exhaust system? For instance the first upgrade many EVO-X owners do is the cat back exhaust system.  With a performance [...]

EVO-X Down Pipe

Mitsubishi EVO-X Down Pipes

Are you shopping for an EVO-X down pipe? The stock exhaust system is very restrictive. Secondly the Mitsubishi EVO-X twin scroll turbo system allows for a [...]

EVO-X Air Intakes

Mitsubishi EVO-X Cold Air Intakes

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X air intake with a performance intake system? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X benefits greatly from air intake modifications. As a [...]

EVO-X Catalytic Converter

Mitsubishi EVO-X Catalytic Converters

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X catalytic converter? For instance all street driven vehicles are required to have a catalytic converter. As a result for [...]

EVO-X Boost Controller

Mitsubishi EVO-X Boost Controllers

Looking to purchase an EVO-X boost controller? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X uses an electronic boost controller to control your boost. As a result this gives [...]

EVO-X Blow Off Valve

Mitsubishi EVO-X Blow Off Valves

Looking to purchase an EVO-X Blow Off Valve for your Mitsubishi Evolution? For instance blow off valves are many times the very first upgrade owners of turbo [...]

EVO-X Air Filter

Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filters

Looking for a Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filter? Air filtration is extremely important on any vehicle and on the Mitsubishi EVO-X that is no different. For instance [...]