Mitsubishi EVO-X Down Pipes

Are you shopping for an EVO-X down pipe? The stock exhaust system is very restrictive. Secondly the Mitsubishi EVO-X twin scroll turbo system allows for a variety of down pipe designs. Additionally some down pipes we offer replaces the turbo’s O2 outlet and down pipe in one unit, while others replace only up to the turbo O2 outlet and connect to the stock catalytic converter.

What are the primary differences in EVO-X down pipes?

There are 2 different styles of down pipe options, re-circulated and open dump. A re-circulation style down pipe feeds the wastegate side of the twin scroll turbo into the exhaust down stream just before the catalytic converter. With an open dump down pipe when the wastegate opens it vents that exhaust straight to the ground and into the open atmosphere. As a result an open dump down pipe is extremely loud while under wide open throttle and is not legal for use on public highways. The down pipe is one of the most commonly upgraded exhaust components for EVO-X. Furthermore it nets a substantial improvement in power once the ECU has been properly recalibrated after modifications are installed.

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