Mitsubishi EVO-X Intercooler Pipes

Are you searching for EVO-X intercooler pipes? For instance the intercooler piping is just as important as the actual intercooler core when it comes to making serious power on a Mitsubishi EVO-X. Secondly the stock piping is of smaller diameter and uses flexible hoses for part of the system that can collapse under boost causing a restriction. Additionally with larger diameter and mandrel bent piping the air can flow unobstructed and efficiently through the system.  Finally we offer the piping upgrades as a full kit or as an upper or lower only.  Additionally some of the EVO-X intercooler pipes are available in custom finishes such as polished, brushed or wrinkle black.

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Driven By Style has been specializing in EVO-X upgrades since we purchased our own EVO-X in January of 2008. As a result we have plenty of experience with EVO-X modification. Additionally our staff has decades of combined experience with performance parts. In other words when it comes to upgrading your EVO-X we have you covered.

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