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EVO-X Tuning is your source for aftermarket upgrades for 2008+ Mitsubishi EVO-X. For instance we offer a complete catalog of performance upgrades for Mitsubishi EVO-X. Upgrades include exhaust systems, down pipes, upgraded intercoolers, air intakes and more. By adding performance upgrades to your new EVO 10 it’s like turning up the volume dial on excitement. These vehicles respond great to aftermarket upgrades and once properly tuned the results will make you very happy! Secondly another strength of the EVO X is the handling thanks to it’s amazing suspension and all wheel drive system. Don’t be afraid that modifying will mess this up because we carry only quality street and race proven upgrades. Additionally we offer popular EVO-X suspension modifications such as coilovers. EVO-X coilovers allow you to dial in your ride height and damper settings for the most comfortable ride. We also offer lowering springs, adjustable control arms sway bars and more. The Mitsubishi EVO-X is a gorgeous vehicle in stock trim but for many that is just the starting point. We carry all sorts of EVO-X styling accessories and aerodynamics products. For instance we carry EVO-X bumper lips, carbon fiber hoods, full body kits and carbon fiber accessories. The lineup does not end there and in fact we carry far too many parts to list here on the home page. Finally the staff at Driven By Style is fully experienced with the EVO X since we bought ours in January 2008. In conclusion when you shop with Driven By Style for your EVO-X upgrades you will get friendly service and the best price. In other words we have your EVO-X Tuning needs covered!

2003-2007 Mitsubishi EVO VIII/IX parts, upgrades and accessories.

Our website may be named EVO-X Tuning but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to offer for EVO VIII and IX. For instance we have added our complete catalog of aftermarket parts and upgrades for 2003-2007 models. We also now carry many popular service items as well including break pads, fuel pumps, clutch kits, gaskets and hoses that simply wear out over time. There is no reason to pay more for OEM replacement parts when you get a superior aftermarket product at a much more affordable price.

We look forward to serving the Mitsubishi Evolution aftermarket with quality parts at competitive prices backed by outstanding customer support and service.

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