Mitsubishi EVO-X Performance Upgrades

2008-2015 Mitsubishi EVO-X Bolt On Performance Upgrades

Are you ready to upgrade your EVO-X performance? The Mitsubishi EVO-X is a performance vehicle that is plenty fast for most people right off the lot. However EVO-X owners are a fickle bunch that rarely leave anything in stock form.  For instance once you get a taste of the boost life you want more and more power when that right foot is mashed to the floor.  As a result the Mitsubishi EVO-X responds incredibly well to modifications and a proper tune. Please visit the links below where we have outlined some of the most popular modifications that EVO-X owners do to bolt on new power. Furthermore the 4B11T in the EVO-X is pretty reliable up to 475 tq so there is definitely room to have some fun without damaging the engine. In conclusion proper tuning and maintaining a safe air/fuel ratio is a must to avoid overboosting and harming the engine.

What should I consider when upgrading my EVO-X for performance?

Many new EVO-X owners will be overwhelmed when they start researching how to upgrade their vehicle. As a result we have written some buyers guides that will assist you in making an educated purchase. Secondly our staff is very experienced with EVO-X upgrades and is standing by to assist you. In conclusion if you have any questions at all please use our live chat feature or give s a call.

Featured EVO-X Performance Upgrades

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Driven By Style has been specializing in EVO-X upgrades since we purchased our own EVO-X in January of 2008. As a result we have plenty of experience with EVO-X modification. Additionally our staff has decades of combined experience with performance parts. In other words when it comes to upgrading your EVO-X we have you covered.

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