Mitsubishi EVO-X Turbo Inlet

Are you looking to purchase an EVO-X turbo inlet? For instance on the Mitsubishi EVO-X some owners prefer stealthy modifications and do not want to replace the factory air box. For these customers we do offer Turbo Inlet Piping that connects the turbo’s air inlet to the factory Mass Air Flow Sensor and air box. Secondly these turbo inlet pipes offer improved flow over the stock piping but are limited by the air box and mass air flow sensor for how much power they are capable of making. In conclusion an EVO-X turbo inlet is a great starting modification.

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Driven By Style has been specializing in EVO-X upgrades since we purchased our own EVO-X in January of 2008. As a result we have plenty of experience with EVO-X modification. Additionally our staff has decades of combined experience with performance parts. In other words when it comes to upgrading your EVO-X we have you covered.

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