Mitsubishi EVO-X Intercooler Kits

Are you ready to upgrade your EVO-X intercooler? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X factory intercooler system is sufficient for the stock hardware but once you start upgrading the vehicle with bolt ons and a tune you will run out of efficiency on the stock piping and intercooler core. Secondly the intercooler itself functions by feeding hot compressed air through the core that is cooled by air flowing across it. Additionally performance style intercoolers use a bar and plate style construction and the thickness varies depending on your target power goals. For most EVO-X owners a 3″ intercooler core is sufficient. For those that plan on upgrading the turbocharger itself and crossing the 500hp threshold bigger intercoolers are available. Furthermore our intercooler kits come with everything needed to complete the install. Items include the intercooler core, the piping and all the couplers and clamps.  Installing the intercooler kit on an EVO-X is a straight forward process that requires removal of the stock bumper cover and you will have access to all the piping couplers. It is a straight bolt on affair when it comes to installing an EVO-X Intercooler Kit.

What should I consider when upgrading my EVO-X intercooler?

When buying an intercooler it is crucial to have a max power goal in mind. For instance you do not want to buy an interooler only rated for 400WHP when you may install a big turbo upgrade and make over 500WHP with a properly sized intercooler. We carry a full range of both interooler kits as well as intercooler cores.

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