Category: Performance Upgrades

EVO-X Turbo Outlet

Mitsubishi EVO-X Turbo Outlets

Are you shopping for an EVO-X Turbo Outlet? Turbo O2 outlets not a common upgrade for the EVO-X as many people that want to replace the [...]

EVO-X Turbo Manifold

Mitsubishi EVO-X Turbo Manifolds

Are you in search of an EVO-X Turbo Manifold? For instance turbo manifolds are a very common upgrade on the Mitsubishi EVO-X for two reasons. The [...]

VO-X Turbo Inlet

Mitsubishi EVO-X Turbo Inlet

Are you looking to purchase an EVO-X turbo inlet? For instance on the Mitsubishi EVO-X some owners prefer stealthy modifications and do not want to replace [...]

EVO-X Turbo Hoses

Mitsubishi EVO-X Turbo Hoses

Looking to dress up your engine bay with silicone EVO-X turbo hoses? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X blow off valve return location is plumbed with a [...]

EVO-X Test Pipe

Mitsubishi EVO-X Test Pipes

Are you looking to purchase an EVO-X test pipe? For instance test pipes also known as cat delete pipes are extremely popular on all turbocharged vehicles [...]

EVO-X Pulley

Mitsubishi EVO-X Pulleys

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X pulleys with an underdriven pulley? For instance underdrive pulleys have been used for years to make additional power on internal [...]

EVO-X Intercooler

Mitsubishi EVO-X Intercoolers

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X intercooler? Choosing the right intercooler core for your EVO-X is as simple as deciding what your power goals are [...]

EVO-X Tuning

Mitsubishi EVO-X Intercooler Pipes

Are you searching for EVO-X intercooler pipes? For instance the intercooler piping is just as important as the actual intercooler core when it comes to making [...]

EVO-X Intercooler

Mitsubishi EVO-X Intercooler Kits

Are you ready to upgrade your EVO-X intercooler? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X factory intercooler system is sufficient for the stock hardware but once you start [...]

EVO-X Ignition Coils

Mitsubishi EVO-X Ignition Coils

Shopping for EVO-X Ignition Coil upgrades? For instance the Ignition Projects Coils we carry are an ignition coil with a high power amplifier built in to it. [...]