Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filters

EVO-X Tuning Performance Upgrades Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filters

Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filters

Looking for a Mitsubishi EVO-X Air Filter? Air filtration is extremely important on any vehicle and on the Mitsubishi EVO-X that is no different. For instance we offer high quality performance Mitsubishi EVO-X air filter replacements for the factory air box from quality brands such as HKS, K&N and WORKS. Secondly an upgraded performance panel filter outflows cheaper paper filters and are washable for servicing meaning you will never need to purchase another air filter. Furthermore installation of these panel filters is literally a drop in process. As a result the benefits of a performance panel air filter are superior air flow. This yields improved horsepower as well as improved miles per gallon efficiency. Finally for those looking for maximum induction performance check out our cold air intakes. Our air intake systems replace the factory air box with a tubular air intake and conical filter.

EVO-X Cold Air Intakes

EVO VIII/IX Cold Air Intakes

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