Mitsubishi EVO-X Blow Off Valves

Looking to purchase an EVO-X Blow Off Valve for your Mitsubishi Evolution? For instance blow off valves are many times the very first upgrade owners of turbo cars decide to purchase. Secondly the function of a blow off valve are to release the excess boost pressure when the throttle body comes closed and prevents that pressure from backing up into the turbocharger.  Modern blow off valves are available in 3 styles. Re-circulation style blow off valves dumps the air back into the intake system. 50-50 style blow off valves disperse half the air to the atmosphere and half the air back into the intake system. Finally the last style of blow off valves are 100% vent to atmosphere. A VTA blow off valve vents all the unneeded air out into the atmosphere giving the loud woosh sound that we all fell in love with.

When purchasing a blow off valve there are a few things to consider. Mitsubishi EVO-X is a mass air flow metered vehicle. Mass air flow sensors are  very sensitive to metered air leaving the system without being accounted for.  As a result many EVO-X ECU tuners prefer re-circulation style valves. We carry blow off valves from multiple brands including Agency Power, Blitz, HKS, Perrin and WORKS.

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