Mitsubishi EVO-X Catalytic Converters

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X catalytic converter? For instance all street driven vehicles are required to have a catalytic converter. As a result for those of us that do not want to run a test pipe we do offer higher flowing catalytic converters.

What does a catalytic converter do?

A catalytic converter is an emissions control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants. This is done by catalyzing a redox reaction (oxidation or reduction). Additionally the first widespread introduction of catalytic converters was in the United States automobile market. These “two-way” converters combined oxygen with carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC) to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). We offer a high flow catalytic converter from ETS that replaces the stock converter. In conclusion while not street legal everywhere in most cases will pass a visual inspection. In conclusion if you are ready to buy an EVO-X Catalytic Converter we have you covered. Make sure to also check out our selection of test pipes.

About Driven By Style

Driven By Style has been specializing in EVO-X upgrades since we purchased our own EVO-X in January of 2008. As a result we have plenty of experience with EVO-X modification. Additionally our staff has decades of combined experience with performance parts. In other words when it comes to upgrading your EVO-X we have you covered.

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