Mitsubishi EVO-X Cold Air Intakes

Are you looking to upgrade your EVO-X air intake with a performance intake system? For instance the Mitsubishi EVO-X benefits greatly from air intake modifications. As a result we offer a full line up of performance cold air intakes and short ram intakes. While the Mitsubshi EVO-X is a turbocharged application and the air is going to be heated up by the turbo charger before passing through the intercooler it is still crucial to get dense air into the system. Additionally the air intake systems we offer for EVO-X feature different approaches to the design.  Some of  these EVO-X intakes use a heat shield design that protects the actual air filter from heat soaking itself while others use an actual air box that encloses the filter to protect it from heatsoak as well as water.

What do I need to consider when buying an EVO-X air intake?

One of the biggest factors in choosing an intake for your EVO-X is street legality.  For instance those of us in California must comply with CARB. CARB is a regulation body that restricts which emissions control parts on the vehicle can be modified for street use. As a result air intake systems require a CARB Executive Order # to make an air intake street legal. Several of our systems are street legal in California including systems from AEM and Injen.  Please check the product description for street legal EO number before purchasing. We offer air intake systems for Mitsubishi EVO-X from brands including aFE Power, AEM, Agency Power, AGP, Buschur Racing, Cobb Tuning, ETS, HKS, Injen, Rexpeed and Takeda.

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