Mitsubishi EVO-X Test Pipes

Are you looking to purchase an EVO-X test pipe? For instance test pipes also known as cat delete pipes are extremely popular on all turbocharged vehicles due to the vast performance gains they offer by removing all restrictions from the exhaust for the catalytic converter which is an emissions control device. Secondly by removing the catalytic converter you free up exhaust flow significantly and it is not uncommon to see 20-30 hp gains from an EVO-X test pipe. Results will vary depending on supporting modifications and tuning. One down side to a test pipe is that they are illegal for use on public highways virtually everywhere so buy and install and your own risk. For this reason test pipes are intended for “off road use only”. Finally we offer Mitsubishi EVO-X test pipes from many manufacturers including Agency Power, Cobb, ETS and more. In conclusion if ou want to extract maximum power from your EVO-X a test pipe provides very good gains.

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